From delicate jewellery to unusual mirrors

The craving for the beautiful

Unusual mirrors

We're all humans - as such, we come with a wide range of traits. While some of them are unique to each and every one of us, some of them are unconditional, and are shared by people of all groups, races, types, genders and nations. One of these traits is the appreciation for the beautiful, not just in relation to other human beings, but to the inanimate objects. While some treat the appreciation as a hinderence, here at Piaggi Mirrors we embrace it. After all, what is wrong with treating oneself to an object of beauty? An object with the power to turn one's day around. An object with the power to bring smiles to people's faces, and an object to just gaze in appreciation and tranquility. There are countless things that we, people, define as desireable for these reasons. They range from objects such as exclusive watches and designer clothes, all the way to gold nuggets and pieces of delicate jewellery. But these are just the obvious staples, and the world is a diverse place filled with the beautiful. One of these less than obvious choices are handmade mirrors and furniture, as made by skilled craftsman at Piaggi Mirrors' Headquarters.

A striking design

There are many reasons for which we may view a particular object as desireable. An uncommon coin may be desireable because of its rarity, but only select few will be able to see its true value. Some things, however, are desireable for their sheer beauty and the pleasantness of the materials - this is precisely the kind of desireability we focus on at Piaggi Mirrors. For now, let's talk for a moment about design. No matter if we're talking about the casino inspired Roulette, the intriguingly shaped Rhombus, or the irregular Kaleidoscope, there's something very special about our handmade mirrors. It may be our passion for design showing - we love the intricate details, the carefully selected colours that blend into a rainbow-like shade, the shapes you need to look at a couple of times to fully sink in, and the understated elegance, and we know you will like them just as much.

A unusual charm

There is, however, more to our signature handmade mirrors than just the striking design. A whole new layer of desireable, and it lays in one word - "handmade". In an era of mass production and Ikea dinners, we take great pride in handcrafting each and every single mirror that leaves for its buyer. The process of handmaking the mirrors means not only that the level of fit and finish in immaculate, but that the materials used are the highest possible quality, leaving no doubts about the pedigree of a mirror with just a passing touch. It also means another thing - when you purchase a handmade mirror, you become the owner of a unique, handmade, beautiful piece to be proudly displayed for years to come in the comfort and tranquility of your own home.

Unusual round mirrors