What unusual mirrors should I get?

Mirrors - until we need one, it's seldom that we realize how important of a role they play in our lives. From granting the ability to gaze upon the reflection of yours truly, to brightening the interiors we spend so much time in. Even despite that, some people will be just fine settling for yet another dull, mass-produced mirror. And that's fine with us. But if you're reading this piece, it means that you want to go the extra mile and get an handmade mirror that will amaze, and not just be adequate. A mirror that will tie your living space together, or even be its centerpiece. You've come to the right place - Piaggi is a haven of extravagant, unusual mirrors, and we will help you find the one that will fit you bedroom, living room, or any other space just right.

The mirror that fits just right

Unusual mirrors

The most important part of choosing the perfect mirror is thinking about it in context of the whole interior. While sturdy, wooden cupboards and Memphis Group-styled armchairs are both fantastic pieces of furniture, they will absolutely not work together. It's still the case with mirrors, but to a smaller degree. If your home is designed in a classic manner, you should focus your attention on the more restrained mirrors - they are going to compliment the interiors well, while still maintaining the distinct character Piaggi's unusual mirrors are famous for. Of course, you could also look at simple, modest mirrors elsewhere, but unless you take initiative elsewhere, your interior is at risk of coming off as dull. Mirrors with mosaics are going to work exceptionally well in monochromatic spaces, and ones with large panes of glass will brighten dark interiors. The mirrors offered in a broad range of colours lend themselves really well for people who want a bold combination of hues in their interior. All in all, it's really down to personal preference - like the saying goes, "different strokes for different folks". That said, all of the mirrors you can find here have a distinct presence and will work well as a centerpiece of any interior.

The uniqueness

Our mirrors are not unique simply because of their looks. They're unique because they're handmade by skilled craftsmen, unlike almost all the goods sold worldwide, save for Rolls-Royce and some other exclusive brands. Except for the sheer luxuriousness of such a process, it allows us to deliver goods with the highest possible standard of fit and finish - one you could not realistically expect of a mass produced good. It also means we use high quality materials that are not only durable, but pleasant to the eye and to the touch. When the rest of your interior is made up of similiarly exclusive goods, it really starts to matter - especially when the said handmade mirror is the centerpiece of the interior, and gathers attention as such.

The bottom line

If you're looking for an ordinary mirror, this is not the place for you. We specialize in unusual, handmade mirrors that are fit to amaze. No matter which style of mirror you choose, be it large or small, mosaic or mosaic-less, in a particular hue or sporting all the colours of a multicolour variant, they're all equal in our devotion to both their design and their crafstmanship - which means that no matter which unusual mirror you choose, it will be the perfect choice.